What I Do

Computer Health Check

Sluggish? - Is there enough time to make a cup of tea while you wait for your computer to boot?

Backups? - Worried that the memories recalled in all your photos would be lost should you spill a glass of red on your keyboard?

Upgrades? - Still using a mouse with a ball? What's this Windows 10 icon in my icon dock?

Viruses? - Antivirus won't start? Homepage changed? Swamped by pop ups?

I can help.

Computer Builds and Upgrades

Looking for something a little special for a certain project?

Wondering if you need to buy a new computer or if it's worth upgrading what you have?

Thinking about streaming your digital movie and music collection around your home?

Need to build a render farm for those big projects?

I can help.

Web Design

Did someone promise to build you a website but didn't get around to it?

Are you looking for an online presence? Perhaps a portfolio site for your artwork, or a shop for mail orders?

Interested in getting adds on your site? Or do you want it better optimised for search engines?

I can help.

Tuition and Consultation

Would you like to build your first computer but would like a little direction?

Need a little help with how to use your email client or office application? Moved from a PC to a Mac and can't find anything you need?

Looking to lower the carbon footprint and electricity bill of your business by buying lower power PCs?

I can help.