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I’ve started work on a personal portfolio, events and shop site for the renowned poet; Susan Taylor.

Susan manages a prolific events calendar and has a large catalog of books which she wants to be obtainable through her website. I drew much of the artwork on site, having had my development time freed up by the use of some outstanding addons.

For this site I’ve used a couple of amazing WordPress additions, The X Theme, and Ubermenu.

I really can’t sing The X Theme’s praises loudly enough, it comes coupled with Cornerstone which offers unequaled usability in the form of an drag and drop editor, allowing the client to create beautiful responsive design on their pages and not rely on a designers to keep things updated.

Ubermenu is just that, an extensive, expansive, responsive menu system allowing a huge depth and breadth of navigation, really binding the site together.

Feel free to have a click around here: